Eighteen El Porvenir donors believe so strongly that everyone deserves clean water that they are presenting this challenge: If we can raise $75,000 between August 1 and September 30, then they will match it. Dollar for dollar.

Will you help us meet the challenge?

*All gifts must be received by September 30th. Funds will be directed where most needed. 

Thanks to your generosity, we exceeded our goal in 2015! We raised $86,819 and the first $75,000 was matched. This means a total of $161,819 to partner with rural Nicaraguans as they build a brighter future. help us meet the challenge again in 2016. Thank you!

A bright future starts with clean water, improved sanitation, reforestation, and health education. We partner with rural Nicaraguans so that they lead healthier, happier lives. During this challenge, we are excited to share powerful stories of community members that are now leading better lives thanks to the comprehensive clean water projects they have built.


Carla (pictured here in the yellow shirt) is one of the community leaders for the community of Sayulero. As a child, she experienced the pain of losing loved ones to water born disease. She was determined to help her community build a better life for themselves. She worked closely with El Porvenir staff members on community improvements such as building a well, latrines, fuel-efficient stoves, and planting tree nurseries. The community members of Sayulero have integrated all aspects of El Porvenir programs into their daily life and have seen tremendous impacts on their health and happiness.