Fee for Service Projects

Our work is focused on the municipalities where we have staff and activities; however, we often get requests for help elsewhere in Nicaragua. Occasionally, we have the bandwidth to take on other activities to help support quality water, sanitation, hygiene and watersheds projects. We call these Fee for Service projects as we charge for the time our staff invest in them. We can support the following:

  • Community self-diagnostic and feasibility studies
  • Design and feasibility studies for piped water systems
  • Construction of piped water systems, biosand filters, wells, double pit latrines, improved stoves
  • Water committee (CAPS) training, community organization training
  • Hygiene, sanitation, water training in communities or schools
  • Watershed protection training: tree nurseries, soil and water conservation techniques, watersheds in general, improved stoves
  • Exchange sessions to visit successful water, sanitation, hygiene and watersheds projects

The cost depends on estimates of time our staff will invest. Staff time can be limited, so we cannot support all requests. Please write to nicaragua@elporvenir.org to inquire.