Announcing our new

Clean Water Collective

monthly donor program!


Join the Clean Water Collective, make an impact, get a free t-shirt!

To join the club, just make a recurring donation in the amount of your choosing. Then we work with more rural Nicaraguans on clean, drinkable water and dignified sanitation projects. If you give at a level of $50 or more per month, we’ll send you a new Clean Water Collective shirt to show our appreciation, and so you can show off your membership.

By becoming a monthly donor, you help us:

  • Manage our cash flow. Predictability of income is great!
  • Keep our overhead lower by spending less time on fundraising, payment processing, mailing costs and administration expenses.
  • Focus more on programs that are our core mission.

It benefits you, too! When you join the CWC, you get:

  • A convenient way to give. You set it up once, and don’t need to manage it again.
  • A great way to give more. If you’ve wanted to give at a higher rate, a monthly gift is an easier way to do so.
  • One receipt at the end of the year, so fewer mailings.
  • A new Clean Water Collective shirt.
El Porvenir_mock-up_CWC_indigo_front.jpg

If you’d like to join, please click on the button below, set up your account and choose “recurring”.