Water for san agustin


Will you partner with the 328 residents in Agua Fria and San Agustin, El Sauce on a water system and latrines?

We believe we can end the water and sanitation crisis in Nicaragua. But we need your help. 

The San Agustin water system will bring water right to the door of the homes of the 228 residents. Currently, they make up to 10 trips back and forth to a water system that doesn’t produce enough water to meet the needs of everyone who lives there—or, worse yet, they pull water out of open, contaminated wells. The trips for water are time consuming, and the buckets are heavy. Also, children who are tasked with fetching water are not always able to attend school: they are too busy walking back and forth to the well to have time to go to school.

In Agua Fria, the 100 residents need latrines. I’m just back from Nicaragua and visited many communities that now have latrines. “Dignity” and “health” were the words that new latrine owners used over and over again as they stood proudly in front of their new latrines. Hygienic sanitation improves health, and healthy people are better able to work and change their economic situation.

Your support will bring both health and dignity to the people of Agua Fria--it's a “yes” to the people of Agua Fria and San Agustin. They are ready to do the labor, to contribute at least 10% of project materials, to participate in hygiene education, and to maintain the water system and latrines.

Please donate now to help us reach our goal of $30,000 to provide a water system and 20 latrines to over 325 people in El Sauce region of Nicaragua.

UPDATE: The latrines are now funded, but we need your support with the water system!