Watershed Restoration in Las Cruces

Wilber is the Las Cruces Watersheds Committee Coordinator. Part of this project focuses on conserving topsoil; to do this, residents have terraced, planted fruit trees and coffee, and planted trees like cedar.

The benefit of these terraces, says Wilber, is that they prevent topsoil from being lost on the steepest areas of their farms which are in the highest part of the watershed. “In the future, with the planting that we are doing, we are organizing the forest where before we had no fruit trees or hardwoods.”

He went on to say that the committee will continue to organize: “We want to make our community better.”

The residents of Las Cruces have worked to build 469 meters of rock terraces and 200 meters of live terraces made of grasses and trees to prevent soil erosion. Both kinds of terraces slow the speed of the rain water, allowing it to infiltrate into the ground and making the land better for crops.