New School Latrines in Masapa!

The 66 children of the Camilo Ortega School in San Lorenzo are safe, healthy and happy with their fresh new latrines! One of their teachers, Maestra Mireya, tells the story: “In this school there was a big problem; the children and teachers did not have good latrines. We used to have an old latrine in poor condition."

The teachers, students, and parents of the school were afraid that the latrine would collapse when the children were at school, and sometimes animals in the old latrine frightened the children.

So, the concerned parents and teachers asked El Porvenir for support to build a new latrine that would be safe for their children.

Working together, the parents, the teachers, and El Porvenir built new latrines. Maestra Mireya feels differently about sanitation at the school now: "I feel good that my students can go alone to the latrine because I know they are completely safe both physically and hygienically." In addition to the construction project, El Porvenir Health Educators assist with hygiene classes, stressing the importance of handwashing, teeth brushing, and good nutrition for good health.

"Now, the children have new and safe latrines, and are no longer afraid. We are very grateful for the improvement this project brings to our school,” said Maestra Mireya.