Water Right at our School

Dimas, 10 years old and a 4th grade student in Salinas, Camoapa, remembers when his school didn’t have a well; the girls and boys had to carry buckets of water for drinking, cleaning the school, and washing their hands.

"We used to bring bottles of water to school and use them little by little so that we would have enough to last all day. It was sad to be like that," says Dimas.

Señora Sotelo, a teacher at the school, said that the school faced serious difficulties with the water supply: "The families near the community well didn’t always want to share water with the students, and we had to walk farther to look for a little water."

Now, thanks to a well drilling project, students have water at their school whenever they want. "We are grateful to God and everyone who made this well possible. The children no longer have to bring water from their homes and we all take good care of the well, with the recommendations that the El Porvenir staff has given us," assured Señora Sotelo.

"We are very happy with this project because now we don’t have to bring water from our houses anymore; we have water right at our school," said Dimas.

Now that they have a well, Señora Sotelo says they have seen improvements and progress in the community and better health for the students.

"We thank El Porvenir and the people who supported us to make this project a reality for the 125 students who study and learn here," Sotelo concluded.

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