It starts with clean hands: new handwashing station in El Palo, San Lorenzo

Yesmar Solís and Gerald Reyes, both 9 and students at the Nicarao School in El Palo, are excited about the new handwashing station at their rural school. Now the students can wash their hand after playing, before eating, and after using the latrine.

“I feel really good because I can wash my hands, and I know I’m doing it well,” said Yesmar.

Gerald shared that before having a handwashing station, they all got sick more from diarrhea, stomach pain, and other sicknesses.

“Since having the handwashing station, we all feel better—and the best part is that El Porvenir showed us how to wash our hands correctly. We all know how to be healthy, and it starts with clean hands,” said Gerald.

Escuela Nicarao- El Palo- San Lorenzo 1.JPG
Escuela Nicarao. El Palo- San Lorenzo 2.JPG