Francisco Guzmán Romero - El Cambio, Camoapa

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For 20 years, the residents of El Cambio, Camoapa dreamed of having water closer to their community, and, above all, water that could be safely consumed.

Francisco Guzmán Romero, 30 years old, says that they had to get water from a well that was half a kilometer away and uphill.

Now they have a drilled well with a rope pump that serves all of the residents. "Many families are benefiting from this project. With your support, we now have good water," said Guzmán. 

"This water is clean and has a good taste; we use it for washing, bathing, and doing chores around the house," said Guzmán.

The beneficiaries are responsible for washing and cleaning the well area to keep it in optimal condition. “We feel good and happy because we have water in our community," the resident said.

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