The Story of a Watershed in Waslala

“Our intention is to maintain streamflow and preserve nature.”

German Jarquín Mejía. Cuenca Yaró, Waslala.JPG

Germán Jarquín Mejía, 37 years old and a resident of Yaró Central in Waslala, Nicaragua, is proud of the nursery he has on his land.

Like many community members, Jarquín was interested in El Porvenir’s work reforesting local watersheds where many residents get their water.

"We wanted to have tree nurseries, so we made a request to El Porvenir. They asked us to organize a group of 10 people who would reforest the watershed. We had no shortage of volunteers," said Jarquín.

Vivero de German Jarquín Mejía. Cuenca Yaró, Waslala .JPG

The smiling man explained that they started with seeds and bags. "We filled the bags with soil, planted the seeds, and now we will take care of them until the trees grow and give shade to the land," explained Jarquín.

He tells us that the community was eager to start this project because there is a lot of deforestation in Yaró Central, mainly near the water sources. "Our intention is to maintain streamflow and preserve nature," he explained.

"We’re motivated because we see that there’s progress, and there are more people who want to join us because they see that the project is working to help the environment," he emphasized.

While this project is new, he added, residents are enthusiastic about establishing their nurseries. "We have made a commitment to the project, and we are seeing results as the plants are growing," Jarquín said.