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Stride Pride: Walk for Water

El Porvenir's staff, partners, families and friends went above and beyond in the 2021 Walk for Water. With over $10,000 raised in 10 days, the outpouring of participation and gifts made a huge difference in making this year's walk a success.

Regional coordinator Mario Garnier Vásquez received $270 in donations from over 25 Waslala residents, many of whom earn about $75/month. They supported the El Porvenir staff Walk for Water teams, making gifts of $3, $5, and sometimes more. When asked why they gave, the answers were all similar: "We know the work of El Porvenir, and we know it's a good cause. We're grateful for the support we've received and are making this donation to help other communities."

El Porvenir's pride in our staff and partners knows no bounds and their actions speak louder than words.

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