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Unlimited Possibilities

Life can be full of restrictions. No entry here. No exit there. Current COVID-19 protocols restrict so much these days, from traveling abroad to being able to simply hug a friend. Living life in rural Nicaragua can have one of the worst restrictions of all--the limitation of clean, safe water.

Want to know something that does not have limits? Donors’ gifts made as a part of the $100k Challenge, that's what.

Underway from August 1 through September 30, the annual $100k Challenge raises funds that cover everything from water systems to new motorcycle tires. During this time, generous donors match donations up to $100,000, dollar for dollar.

The $100k Challenge campaign raises funds for projects and for anything needed for El Porvenir's day-to-day operations: all the things needed daily for our work partnering with rural Nicaraguans on clean water projects.

For instance: we have a 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser in need of repairs from traversing rocky roads. The work will cost $700. Your support now will get that truck back to work and our staff out in the field working on projects. The same goes for our 2016 Land Cruiser in need of $1400 in repairs and a full set of all-terrain tires. Truck repair and upkeep is so important in our daily work.

We need your support today to meet the Challenge. Your gifts go a long way in keeping El Porvenir running smoothly in an otherwise restricted world--and the possibilities are endless.

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han gu
han gu
6 days ago

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