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Together, we accomplished the ultimate: we are no longer needed in Ciudad Dario. With the generous and enduring support of our donors and the persistent, can-do efforts of our staff in partnership with community members, we have built an extensive network of latrines, wells and water systems, and handwashing stations as well as advanced watershed restoration.

In 2022, we completed water and sanitation projects across all of our 6 active regions in Nicaragua benefiting over 27,000 people. It was a big year of getting projects moving and completed with our community partners. We have ambitious projects planned and underway for 2023 and are also planning to exit a second region: San Lorenzo.

We are grateful to all of our donors who make our work possible! We are a transparent organization so below you will find multiple years of audits and 990s. We are also an efficient and effective nonprofit, carefully using every dollar donated to further our mission.

El Porvenir® is a US registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: ID#68-0230597

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