"When I named El Porvenir as a beneficiary of my retirement plan, I felt that I was doing one small thing to address the maldistribution of wealth and resources in the world. I trust El Porvenir's stewardship because I have experienced firsthand their commitment to and partnership with Nicaraguans seeking to create a healthier future by providing safe drinking water and sanitation for their families and communities."

Beverly Hoeffer

Participant in 5 work brigades in Nicaraguan villages

15+ year El Porvenir supporter


Do you want to create a lasting legacy so you can provide clean drinking water and adequate sanitation into the future? Or do you want to honor a friend or family member by making a memorial gift? Saying "yes" to either of these questions is one of the most powerful actions you can take. By designating a portion of your estate to El Porvenir®, your kindness and good deeds will live on.

Ensuring generations of clean water for Nicaraguans does not have to involve making a donation today. Designating a portion of your estate to El Porvenir means your wish to support water, sanitation, and reforestation projects will be fulfilled in the future.


Ways to Give:

A Gift in your Will or Living Trust: Designate either a specific amount or a percentage of your estate to clean water, safe sanitation, and healthy watersheds.

Beneficiary Designations: Name El Porvenir as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance policy, savings account, charitable remainder trust, or annuities to support rural communities into the future.

Qualified Charitable Distributions: If you are 70.5 or older, you can give up to $100,000 from your IRA and potentially reduce your income tax.

El Porvenir's Director of U.S. Operations Jenna Saldana will gladly speak with you regarding your legacy planning; please call or email her at 720-236-9158 or jenna@elporvenir.org.

If you've already designated El Porvenir in your estate plan, please let us know!

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Memorial projects can be a water system, a well, or trees. Shown here are a community well (left) where the residents created a beautiful memorial and a conservation area (above) where 905 trees have been planted and are cared for as residents work to improve their watershed. Dedication plaques are personalized by families.

La Jicara.jpg


Timm Dobbins has been part of four work trips to Nicaragua with El Porvenir; he says, "I will always remember a 10-year-old girl telling me she got to go to school for the first time since her village now had a well, which freed her from day-long trips to the river to get water."


Befriending rural Nicaraguans and witnessing life-altering changes, Timm knew he wanted to create a legacy to make a difference after he has left this world. Working with a financial planner, he named El Porvenir as one of two beneficiaries his estate.


"My gift means that perhaps a child could go on to do great things because they didn't get sick from bad water," says Timm. "That someone's burden of long walks for water was eased. That I did something to make the quality of life better for a number of people. That I gave someone a smile when they had little to smile about." 

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PLEASE NOTE: El Porvenir® does not offer financial and/or legal advice.

We urge you to consult your accountant, attorney, and/or financial adviser regarding the best ways to contribute your assets to El Porvenir.