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The 2022 Challenge runs August 1-September 30! Generous donors will match the first $125,000 in contributions made during that time, so we're asking our friends and supporters to help us reach our goal by rising to the challenge of providing clean water and healthy living for all Nicaraguans.

Help us meet the Challenge: Make your gift today and
become involved in a way that best fits you and your schedule!


Are you up for the Challenge? Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Participate in our third annual Walk for Water from September 19-25 where you can run, hike, or walk for water--so others don’t have to! Find out how you can join here!

  • Show you're part of the team by getting your Walk for Water t-shirt today! Order yours here to show that you participated in the Walk!

  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn and share the Challenge through social media using the hashtag #EPWalkForWater!

  • If you are an August or September baby, you can celebrate your birthday in a meaningful way by raising money for the $125k Challenge through your own El Porvenir Birthday Campaign or a fundraising page you create here.

  • Be sure to make a note in the "dedication field" that the gift is for the $125k Challenge.

  • Give a one time tax-deductible donation online or become a monthly donor here.

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