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While the global fight of COVID-19 continues, families across rural Nicaragua struggle daily with access to clean water and safe sanitation. The Jackson Kemper Foundation pledges to match $25,000 if we are able to raise $25,000 to partner with the communities of El Hatillo, Barrio Mitch, and Apatu to build 91 new latrines. Please help us raise $25,000 by April 8. Make your gift today. Or, if giving by check, please note “latrine match” on the memo line.

With your support, 600 people in these three Terrabona communities will benefit from this campaign. These are their voices.

Thirty children between the ages of three and six attend Apatú Preschool in Terrabona. Of the two latrines at the school, only one functions, and it does not have a properly working door. Teachers and parents worry daily about the children and the lack of facilities to use.

“The new latrines are necessary because the one we have is in poor condition. I have been in this preschool for a year now, and this is an on-going problem. The children cannot go in the latrine because the door is stuck, and it is getting worse. The other one does not work at all and is dangerous for the children." – Doribel Lopez Orozco, Apatu Preschool teacher

“This latrine is damaged, and the children are in danger. It has no door. We don’t know what could happen to a small child using a latrine in such bad shape.” – Deyling García, mother of a student

“The latrine is too old to continue using. The door and seat are useless. We have to repair it, or even better, build a new one. The only one that is working has no door, and from the street, people can see the children relieve themselves. We need a new latrine.”

– Giselle Mendoza Mendoza, mother of students


The Terrabona community of Barrio Mitch has 48 families in need of 40 latrines for their homes. These new latrines, to be built with funds raised through this campaign with the Jackson Kemper Foundation, will benefit a total of 230 residents.

“Below the latrine is not very stable. If we move a lot or if a child jumps, it can sink. This latrine is barely a year old, and I am afraid it could collapse at any moment. It is important for a latrine to be safe.”

Ana Gabriela Manzanares Soza

“Our latrine is built with plastic and metal. There is no roof, and it has holes everywhere because we haven’t been able to fix it. The danger is not only to us, but to a 2-year-old who can fall into the hole because it is uncovered. With a new latrine, we will have hygiene and more security.”

Veronica Lizet Rivas Gurdian

“We need a new latrine, but we cannot afford to build it because what money my children give me is only enough for food. My husband has been deceased for five years, and I have no one to help me build a new one. This latrine I have now is not well built. We need a new latrine to have something decent to relieve ourselves in." – Yadira Soza Martinez

“We have had this latrine for 16 years, and it shows deterioration over the years. It is worn. It is broken. Hence the need to ask El Porvenir for support to build new latrines. The importance of having a good latrine is to maintain hygiene. With a well-made, clean, and well-cared-for latrine, we avoid diseases that affect the entire community.” – Octavio José Rodríguez Ortega


The Terrabona community of El Hatillo has 52 families in need of 48 latrines at their homes. 325 people will have their lives changed with the construction of new latrines.

“We need another latrine because the one we have is full. You can’t sit for long because it smells bad. The latrine is 15 years old, and if someone in a wheelchair or with difficulty walking comes to the latrine, we must lift them so they can use the latrine.” – Rosa Emilia Acosta

“We need it because the latrine we have is already old and full. We’ve had these latrines for at least 25 years.” Ivania del Socorro Miranda

“This latrine is useless because it is full. Large families have even made other improvised latrines as they no longer have a place to go to relieve themselves. So far, we haven’t had an incident, but we need new latrines so we don’t have to go to the yard to relieve ourselves in the open.”

Lucila Hernández

“We have difficulty finding work and that means we don’t have the money to build a latrine. The one we currently have is full, in poor condition, and was built on a slope that we cannot access easily. In the rainy season, it’s dangerous because the path gets slippery. The latrine is old, full, and that path is in bad shape. A good latrine is important to have so as not to go around defecating in the open air.” – Velarmina Miranda Soza


Success Spreads Across Nicaragua

The Jackson Kemper Foundation has truly made a difference in rural Nicaragua with its generous support since 2017. The foundation has supported wells, water systems, toilets, handwashing stations, and latrines (examples below). Since contributing to El Porvenir, the Jackson Kemper Foundation has supported the construction of 1,660 latrines across all the regions we serve. We are excited to work with them on these next 91.

Thanksgiving celebrates the blessings of the past year, so the sentiment of rural Nicaraguans' heartfelt appreciation for donor contributions fits well with the Day of Thanks. This month, we turn "Life in Nicaragua" over to the voices of our Nicaraguan partners who are thankful for all of you who have made life-changing projects for over 200,000 rural Nicaraguans possible.

"We've already seen a change in the environment thanks to the nurseries and tree plantings. We appreciate El Porvenir’s collaboration and donors’ contributions to the nursery." --Rebeca Reyes, Posolí, San Lorenzo

"I feel better because we do not go to the bathroom in the field, we no longer run into danger at night, and the children are safer going to the new and well-built latrine that we now have. We thank El Porvenir for this project." --Carmen Montoya Martínez, San Lorenzo

"We thank God and the donors for this help because it is very important to drink clean water. You cannot imagine how long I spent wishing to have a filter like this." --María Solano Obando, Miramontes, San Lorenzo

"We thank the donors to this project for the unconditional support they have given us and the way in which we are working in a united way and ensuring the principles of each person, placing importance on health." --Maynor Ruíz, El Carbonal, Ciudad Darío

"The El Porvenir [school handwashing station and latrines] project and the donors hit a home run with the construction of beautiful toilets and the beautiful handwashing station. We requested the project, and thanks to God and our efforts, we are seeing the reality of the project. It is very nice and useful. We thank the organization and the donors." --María de la Concepción, San Juan Yaró



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