Do you want to make a significant difference in the lives of families in need? Are you interested in supporting clean water and improved sanitation initiatives that save lives and enhance the quality of life for rural Nicaraguans?

El Porvenir is partnering with community members in Miramontes, Nicaragua, to build the final 37 double-pit latrines and achieve 100% sanitation coverage. Residents have already built 93 latrines to replace old, unsafe latrines. Your support will provide the materials for the final 37 households to improve their hygiene and quality of life.

You can make a high-impact contribution today.

Each gift of $600 will change the life of 1 of the 37 families by providing the resources they need to build their own latrine, improve their health and environment, and reduce the impact of waterborne illnesses.

Manuel de Jesús Largaespada Canales is a 59-year-old resident of Miramontes, San Lorenzo. He longs for a new latrine so that he can relieve himself with peace of mind and safety.

Five people live in his house, and all of them are afraid of using the makeshift latrine. Manuel built the latrine 5 years ago and now it is falling down.

Manuel says that the country’s economic situation and his family’s lack of resources make it impossible for him to build a good latrine on his own.


We already have 5 people using this latrine. Sometimes, out of fear, we go to the bathroom outdoors, which is shameful, and we feel sorry about it, but we don’t have another choice," says Manuel.


The latrine they have is small, not well-built, and lined with plastic and cloth.

Manuel and his community are requesting support from El Porvenir in order to build a better-quality latrine for themselves. "We need a new one to live better and improve our hygiene," he emphasizes.

"We are requesting a latrine because we know that it is good for our health; we will have privacy and our lives will be better," concludes Manuel.