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Please take a look at the clickable button to the right.

This button has power: the power to save lives in rural Nicaragua.

Click it and see what can happen. The possibilities, while not precisely endless, reach far into the future. This button can not only change lives today but for generations that follow. This button can make an impact on the world.

Our friends at One Day's Wages have pledged to match our donors' gifts, dollar for dollar, and the overall impact on the community of Posoli will be incredible. By partnering with One Day's Wages for this campaign, El Porvenir can reach a broader audience and benefit from the charity doubling your donation.

Your donation to El Porvenir sends waves of positive results for the generations that follow. While the impact is almost immediate, the effect on the cause of matched gifts, like those given through One Day's Wages right now, grow over the years.

The results from other projects show the impact, such as the changes seen in the Monte Grande community in Terrabona, where not very long ago, mothers, grandmothers, and children walked miles for usable water each day and struggled with unsanitary bathroom conditions. Now, after the generosity of our donors, the families of Monte Grande have water close by, and homes have safe latrines. Local reforestation efforts mean less rain run-off and abundant fuel for their new efficient home stoves. Children can now go to school clean, well-fed, healthy, and ready for the challenges of their futures without the worry of water or the lack thereof.

As longtime El Porvenir friend Timm Dobbins shared about a work trip to Nicaragua, "I will always remember a 10-year-old girl telling me she got to go to school for the first time since her village now had a well, which freed her from day-long trips to the river to get water."

Like many El Porvenir donors, Timm recognizes his financial gifts mean easing a burden for a community. And when your donation will be doubled, then there's all the more reason to give now and not only give two times the gift but double the ultimate impact for families in a community so deserving as Posoli.

And that button right here? Just click it.

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Angello Mutti
Angello Mutti
Oct 03, 2023

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