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When reading most of the inspirational stories about "Life in Nicaragua," there's a noticeable trend among many: mothers.

Mothers play critical roles in just about every El Porvenir project and their personal tales of accomplishment lay the groundwork of El Porvenir’s successful 30 years. If mothers are not smack dab in the middle of a project, they were either its impetus or its instigator. No matter the "why" projects move from initial idea to ultimate completion; these mothers are the "who" benefitting most from El Porvenir's ventures in rural Nicaragua.

Ivania del Socorro Hernández Miranda was tired of walking for water. "All our lives, we had problems getting water," says the mother of four. "It took us up to three hours to fill our buckets." For over 30 years, Ivania waited for water, and finally, the citizens of El Hatillo came together to fulfill the dream of clean, safe water for their community. "To see water coming out of our tap was so emotional," says Ivania. "I wanted to cry." With clean water only a few steps from her home, she's appreciative of El Porvenir's donors for their support in her children having healthier lives.

Rosa Solís and her family had no latrine. With small three children, the Los Calpules, Terrabona mother feared taking her sons to the bathroom after dark every night. "I had to take them out beyond the house in the dark. It was dangerous; a snake or any other animal could have hurt us," she says. "It was a horrible situation." Rosa did what she had to do for her family. Community members rallied together so every home could have its own bathroom facility, and with El Porvenir's assistance, Rosa and her family built their own latrine. "I feel happy because, for the first time, we have this change in our family. We now have privacy and security when taking care of our needs."

And we can't forget mothers that proudly work to make changes for other mothers every day, like El Porvenir's very own Sonia Reyes. As a health educator in El Sauce, she has seen many positive changes in the communities she works with. Sonia empowers other mothers with knowledge that continues to grow and flow from generation to generation. Sonia's drive to work hard for others comes from her love of family and home. "Every day, I open my eyes and see my son and my mother. They motivate me; they are the engine that makes me get up and keep going," Sonia says.

These three women are only a tiny sample of the countless mothers El Porvenir proudly recognizes as a powerful force for positive change and making a difference across rural Nicaragua. Because of these wonderful women that care for their children and their communities, thousands upon thousands of families can find hope and security in water, sanitation, and health as never before.

To all the women that make differences in lives every day: Happy Mother's Day! ¡Feliz día de la madre!

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