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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

In July of 2020, a well was drilled. Partnering with El Porvenir and with financial assistance provided by Providence United Methodist Church, community members in San Martín, El Sauce are nearing the completion of a project years in the making.

After months of planning and hard work, the lives of 278 people in San Martín are about to change forever. The electric pump water system, when completed, will provide water to 73 families.

These are the voices of the community who benefit from El Porvenir’s donors’ generosity.

“Water at our homes is important so we don’t suffer hauling water long distances or consume contaminated water. Water is life and health. I have lived here 20 years; we had been consuming well water, and we did not know if it was good or not. We thank God and the donors for helping us to have water in our houses—above all because it is safe water.” — Sayda Eugarrios

“We are eager to have clean water and looked for a solution for a while. We are finally going to have water. The community is busy working and excited. The pumphouse is almost complete, the main pipe is in place, the storage tank is in process, and we’re working on the taps at each home. This project is important because drought continues to hit us more in the dry season and so that we don't keep getting sick from drinking dirty water.” — Santos Isabel Bucardo Quirós

“This project is important because we are going to drink clean water; it will not be water like we drank before. We have been drinking this water from a hand-dug well, without chlorination, for almost 65 years, for as long as I can remember. Now we are going to drink clean water. It is important to have safe water in our houses for our health. With this water system, we will not get sick, and the children will grow up better.” — Cesar Augusto Bucardo

"Thank God this drinking water project is happening because we are no longer going to be drinking contaminated water. We thank God first, then the donors, the community, and El Porvenir for supporting us in these projects that are very important for our people." — José Santos Murillo Valverde.

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